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Best Engagement Rings!

Exquisite diamonds that sparkle at an unbelievably low price. The most unique diamond engagement rings that I have ever seen! I was so sick of searching for an engagement ring. All of the other jewelry stores had all of the same stuff. I was truly blown away with the beauty, uniqueness, and prices of your engagement rings. The only problem I had was deciding on which one to buy, but then Mack the Jeweler offered to custom design an engagement ring for me. I absolutely LOVE my ring!!! The staff was very knowledgeable, and friendly without being stuffy. A great experience all around. Thank you!

~ Janice M.


You need to check out Regal if you're looking at Jewelry in Buckhead!

We looked around at several Buckhead places for a wedding band to go with my fiancee's engagement ring. We happened to go to Regal, and Krissy and Mack walked us through the process to get a custom band made that would match the engagement ring. A week later, the ring was ready. We are very happy with the service, the attention, and the price we paid to get a custom ring made. They were very attentive, and also very pleasant to deal with. If you're out shopping the Buckhead jewely stores, make sure to include Regal (why not get a custom piece?).

~ Nick


My emerald ring is stunning!

Regal Collection Corporation is the brain child of Mack Tabrizi who worked for many years at the Mart in downtown Atlanta. He has connections with wholesalers that allow him to find customers great bargains on fine jewelry designs, and Mack offers his own exquisite custom designs as well. His engagement rings are second to none and cannot be distinguished from those found in bride magazines and at famous name jewelry stores. He and his staff are friendly and professional. Mack also buys gold and diamonds. My emerald ring is stunning, and I am sure you will cherish whatever your buy from Regal.

~Fonda H


After hunting all over Atlanta and beyond for my engagement ring, my boyfriend and I visited Mack at Regal Collection Corp. Upon meeting him we instantly knew we'd found the best jeweler for us. Mack designs everything himself and his offerings range from simple to very elaborate. He seriously has something for everyone's taste and if you don't see what you want, he will make it to your specifications. Mack created a incredibly beautiful engagement ring for me and he used incredibly sparkly diamonds. Everyone who sees my ring comments on how stunning it is and I frequently catch other women starring at it all googly eyed! Mack's pricing is very fair for the quality you get. The price on my ring was actually much much lower than what other jewelers were asking for rings of lesser quality. Can't say enough good things about Mack. I look forward to getting many more sparkly gifts from Regal Collection!

Ladies, two bits of advice regarding men:

1. Always let them work at their own pace....however S L O W and agonizing that pace may be

2. Ask for.....wait, that's not quite right.....DEMAND what you want from them. If a guy really loves you and wants you to be happy, he'll figure out how to make your desire a reality. Even if your desire seems silly as shit to him.

But anyway...I waited FIVE FREAKING YEARS for an engagement ring, though truth be told I've really only wanted one for the past 6 months or so and Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! hell, throw in some tap dancing and jazz hands for good measure! Persistence and patience finally paid off! Last Thursday I got exactly what I wanted courtesy of my dear Sweet Baboo. And Mack at Regal Collection.

After hunting all over Atlanta and beyond for the perfect engagement ring, Sweet Baboo and I visited Regal Collection. Upon meeting the owner, Mack, we knew we'd found an exceptionally good guy to work with on a major piece of jewelry. Mack is honest, knowledgeable, friendly, fair and flexible. And best of all Mack wanted me to be happy! Ahhh....a man after my own heart.....

Mack designs and creates all of the jewelry in his shop. His inventory ranges from the very simple to the very very elaborate. He has something for everyones taste but if you don't see what you want, he can always make it from scratch, to your exact specifications.

Mack created a beautiful, sparkly engagement ring for me. Though I'm not privy to the exact cost, I know Baboo paid far less than what other jewelers were asking (for lesser quality rings). I'm glad he saved money b/c I've a looooong list of other things I'd like him to buy me. Tee hee hee :P
Anyway, I can't say enough good stuff about Mack. Go see him and tell him Sarah sent you! He's awesome, his jewelry is awesome and I look forward to getting many more sparkly goodies from his collection!

- Sarah S.


For starters, I was recommended to Regal Collections by a good friend who had recently gotten engaged. Knowing that I was also in the market for an ring, when he told me the price that he payed I was absolutely floored. Having looked at several jewelers at this point (Shane, Zales, Blue Nile, and many quality private stores) I was even more impressed by the superior quality of my friend Kay's ring.

1. Better Price: I had actually already put a diamond at another store on hold when I first called Regal to see if they could beat the price. When you talk to Regal, ask for Krissy and tell them that Spencer sent you. She actually found a larger and more quality diamond in all characteristics than the one I had on hold, but at a price that was about 30% cheaper! I was so impressed I asked for a quote on the ring that my wife and I had designed together, and again they beat the price by several thousand.

2. Honesty: Regal (Krissy) was immediately more honest than the other places I had looked.. She did not hesitate to suggest an equally beautiful but CHEAPER metal in the design of the ring because she knew that the very delicate ring needed a more durable metal.

3. Unbelievable quality: ALL and I mean ALL of my Wife's friends were so impressed with her ring. We have had it for 5 months now and my wife and her friends still get googely-eyed when they look at it (which always makes you feel it was worth it!)

4. They will not be satisfied to sell you something THEY are not proud of: Yes, it did take a little bit longer to get my ring than I had hoped for, but it was more my fault since we were custom designing a ring from scratch. Krissy and the design team took their time with me until the design was perfect. Let me tell you the engagement ring was PERFECTION!

5. The BEST customer service: Since I live in CA, I had to do all of the sizing and designing over the phone, email, fax, everything short of a carrier pigeon! Somehow, I made a mistake in the size of my Wife's wedding band. The band was a little too large and we had to have a second band made. Again, the second band was the wrong size because again, I gave Krissy the wrong information. Again, Krissy did not hesitate to say they would make a third ring so my Wife and I would be totally satisfied. Unbelievably, at no cost to me!
Thank you Mack, the Design team, and anyone else who helped make my engagement and wedding band something truly perfect!.A special thanks to Krissy, we cannot thank you enough. I will tell ALL my friends and I will never go to another jeweler again! I look forward to buying my Wife lots more shiny things in the future!

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Mack's Collection

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